System on Chip ZynqBerry features Zynq-7000 family SOC in Raspberry form factor. 

This is very good platform for Raspberry fans who want to conquer FPGA realm or feel that current Raspberry is not flexible enough for their applications. This small platform contains critical components that exist in most of embedded system:

- Processor, this platform has 2. In real-world embedded products, processor is always there for UI/Control tasks

- An FPGA or Programmable logic. Some level of customization is always required to bring various system components together, be it interfacing to custom IC, LCD or value added signal processings

- Network/USB interface

The flexibility of FPGA fabric allows you to do all sort of cool projects that require some level of non-standard processing or interfaces: 

- DIY Oscilloscope and logic analyzer: the processors would perform UI task while the FPGA logic would be incharge of sampling, signal processing and triggering. 

- Baseband communication system analyser, all you need is a good front end analog to digital

- DIY thermal camera

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