This kit targets IoT makers and start-ups and can be dropped to a final product.

  • At the heart is MAX 10 device, 8k LUT which is enough for a decent micro-controller system.
  • Side by side is 8MB SDRAM. The SDRAM makes your FPGA system much more powerful because you can deploy much bigger software with SDRAM. Some of the low-cost FPGA development kits don’t include any sort of external RAM which makes you tied down. There’s high chance that you’d need some micro controller running in these small FPGA packages.
  • This MAX1000 kit features MKR foot print which is bread-board friendly and provide 7 Analogue input pins, 15 Digital Pins.
  • On board 3-axis accelerometer LIS3DH. I haven’t tried it but from the data sheet, it looks pretty interesting with motion sensor/VR application.
  • On board flash, it gives you extra 8MB storage for big software or data logging. Sweet!

Read here for our full review and examples.

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MAX1000 development kit

  • AU$42.00

Tags: fpga-kit, max10, low-cost, beginners