The Digilent Cmod A7 is a small, 48-pin DIP form factor board built around a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA.

When you want to start learning programmable logic, we'd suggest you start with simple system. Because with systems that include complex peripheral such as DDR/PCIE/Ethernet, you often rely on automation tools to connect the system together and end up not learning dirty bits which is the fun of digital design.

This little board includes a USB-JTAG programming circuit, USB-UART bridge, clock source, Pmod host connector, SRAM, Quad-SPI Flash, and basic I/O devices. These components and 10k LUTs make this system a compact but powerful platform for your HDL learning. The USB-JTAG means you don't have to purchase an external JTAG programmer cable. USB-UART means you'd be able to transfer data to and from your PC. SRAM will be helpful when you run a microcontroller-centric system such as MicroBlaze™ embedded soft-core processor designs.

There are 44 Digital FPGA I/O signals and two FPGA Analog inputs that are routed to 100-mil-spaced through-hole pins so that you can integrate programmable logic design directly into a solderless breadboard circuit. At just 0.7” by 2.75”, it can also be loaded in a standard socket and used in embedded systems. The possibilities are limitless.

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